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MTB Media World Cup - Norwegians the best in Lidzbark Warmiński

MTB Media World Cup Warmia&Masuria: Norwegians the best in Lidzbark Warmiński. Norwegians Brynjar Farstad and Nina Malme Gulbrandsen, from Styrkeproven, won men and women categories of MTB race in Lidzbark Warmińskim.

Cyclists from fifteen countries take part in the competitions. Norwegians and Ukrainians came with their own bikes. Men had to compete on a distance 21 km, divided into five circles, while women – accurately – 12,6 km and three circles.

The honorary start took place in the Lidzbark Warminski center in front of a historical city gate and a peleton was leading by the mayor Jacek Wiśniowski. A large colorful group of local children with flags of the participants’ countries warmly supported the cyclists, who were really impressed with it.

Then the real competition began at Góra Krzyżowa. The winner, Brynjar Farstad, declared: - The route was pleasant, a bit similar to these we have in Norway, but with more top and downhill rides. In the morning of the day of competition, I examined the route and decided to change shock absorbers because you needed a very technical cycling.

Another winner, Nina Malme Gulbrandsen, added: - In my opinion, this route was average difficult and safe. But of course, you needed a lot of energy.

In the opinion of other participants, the competition was very difficult. Second-placed Cezary Zamana, a skipper of Polish journalists' team, explained: - Thanks to that it was a real challenge for everybody who decided to take part in it. They will remember the competition for years. In my opinion the route, according to it difficulty, can be used by pro cyclists as well. Circle after circle I found more and more pleasure.

- Many thanks to the host for organizing this MTB Media World Cup, we could have the chance to meet some new friends and explore this beautiful country. I really had an amazing experience here in Poland and would definitely come back with my family and friends! - Jin Xiaoxin journalist from China.

Andrzej Sypytkowski, Sports Director of the Media World Cup Series, former double silver medalist in team cycling in Olympic games in Seul 1988 and World Cup in Chambery in 1989, finished fourth. He said: - I wanted to support the idea of Mariusz Herman, who decided to organize the event which promote Poland as an attractive tourism country. But to be honest after warming up circle I was very scare. I didn't control my bike in hundred percent. Fortunately since the third circle I really enjoy the competition and didn't feel any scare even on very steep downhill rides. And now I think I will miss this route...

The Media World Cup Series Poland is officially support by Dawid Lasek, under-secretary of Polish Ministry of Sport and Touristic. And the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship was an official partner of the MTB Media World Cup Warmia&Masuria.

Partners of MTB Media World Cup Series Warmia & Masuria were - the Warmia and Mazuria Voivodeship and Lidzbark Warmiński.

- We are delighted that we have been able to host media representatives from all over the world for several days - said Wioletta Śląska-Zyśk, Vice Marshal of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship. - Participants of the competition had an opportunity to become acquainted with the values of our beautiful cities - Lidzbark Warmiński and Mikolajki.

In this way we wanted to convey the importance of history and the nature with which we are identified as important elements of our region. It all topped off the sport of struggling in which there was no lack of emotion. Currently, the summer season begins in Warmia and Masuria, which means that for the next few months will be held cultural, sports or recreational events in every corner of our province.

It is important that not only residents of Warmia and Mazury will participate, but also tourists from around all over the world. And everyone will find the right offer tailored to their needs. I invite everyone to learn about the values of our region - said Wioletta Śląska-Zyśk.

MTB Media World Cup Warmia&Mazuria official results:

1. Nina Malme Gulbrandsen - Styrkeproven, Norway
2. Maiken Kallesen - Styrkeproven, Norway
3. Natalia Karapuda – Polish Television, Poland

1. Brynjar Farstad - Styrkeproven, Norway
2. Cezary Zamana – Polish journalists' team
3. Mariusz Krzywiel –  Portal, Poland