The fourth Media World Cup. Sports media on their bikes!

Sports journalists did not get use to celebrate International Sport Journalist Day on July 2. As a rule, media people spend their  holidays at work. But this does not mean that journalists are not ready for active holidays, especially if one of these holidays needs to be organized by media..

The fourth Media World Cup took place in Poland
Sports journalists did not get use to celebrate International Sport Journalist Day on July 2. As a rule, media people spend their  holidays at work. But this does not mean that journalists are not ready for active holidays, especially if one of these holidays needs to be organized by media.

Media cycling races becomes a good tradition
Mariusz Herman, a Polish publisher and his team organized  the Cycling Media World Cup for the fourth time called  this year Tour as Media World Cup Lubelskie 2019. Traditionally, the competition is attended by people from the media world (except "classic" journalists, these are bloggers, PR and marketing experts, related media industries). On average, about 100 participants gather annually - not only from Europe but also from other continents. As a tradition, about a  dozen people come from China, and sometimes participants come even from Brazil.

Following previous Tours that took place near Przemysl, in Krakow, Warmia  and Mazury, the Polish organizers decided to conduct the World Cup on the tracks near historical Lublin. Traditionally, the races are conducted in the picturesque places near the town where  the participants stay . This time the MTB race was hold in the woods near Kazimierz Dolny, which is part of so-called tourist triangle. The Road race went near another tourist attraction- the town of Zamosc. The day before the MTB race, the participants traveled 28 kilometers on mountain across the forests and fields of the Lublin Voivodeship, double-crossing the Vistula on the ferry.

Meeting old friends
The greatest value of such gatherings is  the communication between media from different countries. Coming to Poland every year, regular participants have already become good friends. So everyone is looking forward to the next meeting.  There is always something to discuss and something to share. Bicycle web-sites are quite popular in the European countries. Considering the increasing number of people who prefer cycling tourism, it is necessary to develop this direction.

MTB race
A MTB flight of 16 kilometers consisted of three circles of mountainous terrain in the forest. The route is quite demanding for the racers, and is technically difficult. But the ride was just fun! When you break out of the city and around you - the silence of the forest, steep slopes and high rises - you just enjoying it! Evelyn Bojanovska and Krzysztof Krisztoforski, a polish couple, both huge fans of MTB, won in the women’s and men’s races.

The second place of 55-year-old Italian Leonardo Olmi - a quite an amazing fact. Together with  Leonardo his 89-year-old father  came to Poland! Daddy, however, did not participate in the race, but actively set his son before arrival.

Road tricks
The 53-kilometer road race also provided a spectacle on the run and a bright finish. Timo Schoch from Germany continually tore the peloton and made a 30-second break, but later the main group caught up with the German. At the end of the race, Timo made a dash again, followed by Dutchman Sjors Beukeboom, who had already won the Media World Cup two years ago, and two Polish riders. However, if Sjors and Timo alternated throughout the break, trying to maintain a high tempo, the two Poles stubbornly sat on their tails, unwilling to waste their time. As a consequence, Sjors and Timo also stopped changing and the peloton caught up with the fugitives in the last 5 kilometers.

The bright spurt of Sjors Beukeboom
At the finish, Sjors was seriously assisted by his friend Nick de Rijcke. The Belgian played the role of "domestique", leading the Dutchman to the finish line on the central streets of Zamosc. Beukeboom jumping from behind a friend, turned on his signature finish spurt and put two Poles, who also led each other to a decisive showdown! Timo Schoch is not a strong sprinter, so he lost to the opponents in the final meters and did not get into the prizes. Second and third places were won by Poles.

German lady helps to Ukrainian men
Mykola Shmanyov and Oleg Pastushchyn were in the second group of finishers. Timo Schoch 's wife, Melanie, was on an equal footing with the boys (Melani won the women's road race). The Ingolstadt resident was a very strong raiser and, at one point, greatly helped the Ukrainian during the race. When Oleg Pastushchyn's leg curled up, she pushed him by the saddle on a steep climb, keeping up with the group! Such gestures are greatly appreciated! Together with Melanie Mykola and Oleg reached the finish line, just 3 minutes 20 seconds behind the winner! Brilliant result! Mykola Shmanyov was 21st at the finish, Oleg Pastushchyn - 23rd. At the same time in his age category Oleg was again in prizes, becoming a bronze medalist!

Oleksandr Glyvynskyy, a team captain, was able to went though the whole track . This road race was the first one finished by Oleksandr and there are  more goals to achieve and to work on endurance and improvement of results!

The 4th Media World Cup brought  a lot of positive emotions, friendly communications and exchange of views, acquaintance with the culture of Lublin Voivodeship, and also - a wonderful celebration of the International Day of Sports Journalist! Because what could be better than outdoor activities!

Media Patrons: Polska Press Group - Kurier Lubelski, TVP 3 Lublin, Radio ESKA.